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Wide Format Repair

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Wide Format Repair

If you have questions about your wide format equipment, A1 Printers Plus is the company to call. With over 20-years of experience in the industry, we’re here to offer you nothing but the best.

We know how to get fix your wide format where you can start to share your work quickly. We have the skill and the experience to have your wide format system up and running on the same day of answering your call.




Every team member here at A1 Printers Plus is like family, and we prefer to think of you as family as well because we’ll take care of your wide format printer when most other companies in South Florida don’t have the time. We’ve been repairing printers and supplying parts and accessories since 1995; in that time, we’ve helped service more people in our South Florida market than any other company; that’s something we’re proud of.

Why hire us to repair your wide format printer? It’s simple: 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you have a problem with your wide format, then you can be assured that we’ll take care of it right away. We have access to a multi-million dollar inventory, and there is no doubt in our minds that we can't deliver on time. Our job is to make sure your wide format equipment is up and running.

A1 Printers Plus is Your Florida Wide Format Repair Company. Our repair technicians also specialize in wide format repair and maintenance on just about any wide format make or model you have.

Here' at A1 Printers Plus, we offer same-day onsite repairs from black and white to color equipment. Our wide format repair includes inspecting, cleaning, lubricating and print head calibration.

Here's what's included in our wide format repair cleaning and maintenance service?

Clean Wide Format Carriage Rails.
Lubricate the Wide Format Carriage Rails.
Cleaning the Drive Roller.
Encoder Strip Cleaning and inspection.
Inspect and Clean Platen Assembly.
Clean the entire HP plotter.
Calibrate the plotter print head after replacing the belt.
Calibrate the Color after the plotter maintenance service.
Quality test printout.

We’d like to think we stay ahead of the game, keeping informed of new technologies and implementing what we’ve learned by giving our customers the very best in wide format repair. When your wide format is having trouble, there is nothing we won’t do to ensure it receives the parts necessary to get it running smoothly again. We know your wide format equipmenent is important to your business, and we don't want to see you loose business because of it's not working properly .

For over 20-years, we continue to position ourselves within the state of Florida as one of the fastest growing Printing Repair companies around. With that said, you can bet we were right there when wide format printers were first introduced to the market. So, if you need service - you know were the company to call.

A1 Printers Plus - Wide Format Repair & Supplies

Providing onsite service for 500, 4500, 4500ps, 5000, 5500, 430, 450, 750, 755, 800, 1050c, 1055cm Wide Formats. Our plotter technicians provide Multi-point cleaning. Wide Format carriage Belt Kits, trailing cable, ink tubing systems, carriage assembly and print heads are the most common replacement parts for wide formats

Not only do we provide quality repair service for your wide format, we also offer supplies such as toner, ink cartridges and replacement parts. We can save you money with your Wide Format Repair on supplies and parts in South Florida. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll make sure you have it right away.

Our technicians are experts at Wide Format Repair errors and hardware plotter malfunctions. Our Wide Format Repair and cleaning includes 430, 450C, DesignJet 500, 500 Plus, 750C, 800, 1050, HP plotter 4500, 4500ps, HP Wide Format 5000 & 5500 Models.

A1 Printers Plus keeps your wide format printing trouble free with regular service. If you are having hardware failures and communication errors due to network settings, we can come to you and schedule a date and time to repair your wide formt printer. Our technicians are experts at repairing all (POST FAILURE) power on self test errors with your wide format failing at startup with a bad hard disks, network cards and broken belts.

Your wide format needs are important to us; that’s why we strive to deliver the very best service possible. We hope that you choose A1 Printers Plus for all of your Wide Format Repair service calls.

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